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"We'll be facing the Mandalorian chieftains attempting to defend the space above their world. Their proud warrior tradition means this will be a fight to the death!"
―Tyber Zann[src]

A skirmish over Mandalore occurred when Tyber Zann decided to perform an act of piracy to extort ships from Mandal Hypernautics.

The SkirmishEdit

"I've successfully defeated the Mandalorian chieftain. The continuing raids will soon bring them to their knees."
―Tyber Zann[src]

A small Consortium fleet arrived above the planet and began attacking an asteroid facility, resisting attacks from Mandalorian defenses. Once the facility was destroyed, the Mandalorian clan leader appeared in his own Keldabe-class battleship and attempted to stop the Consortium fleet, but was destroyed. After a brief period of piracy in the system afterwards, Mandal Hypernautics agreed to provide ships to the Consortium in exchange for a stop to the piracy.



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