"It looks refreshingly riotous."
Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano[src]

Skorch was a game played by students of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Ossus. It was played by two teams that used rackets, stun blasters and the Force to move six jet balls through the air. Each team had a set of secret goals, such as collecting four balls and sending a pair at each goal. The referee (who was really the one being trained) had to discover those goals, and make sure both teams achieved them. However, if this was not possible (as in some skorch scenarios the goals were mutually exclusive), the referee had to make sure both teams tied. As a last resort, the referee could make sure both teams lost completely. This was considered hardly adequate. The game's players only had to play by the rules the referee could persuade them to, the referees' only rule was that they could not use their lightsabers on the players.



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