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Skreej is an eight-page comic from Star Wars Tales 10, published by Dark Horse Comics on December 12, 2001. Skreej was written by Mike Kennedy, lettered by Steve Dutro, and pencilled by Francisco Ruiz Velasco. Set in 4 ABY, Skreej details the story of Tamtel Skreej, who is searching for his belongings on the planet Tatooine after they were stolen from him.

Plot summary


Tamtel Skreej

Tamtel Skreej is at an Imperial Information Center on the planet Tatooine. Skreej tells the officer behind the desk about how his ID and luggage had been stolen after he'd passed out drunk the night before. The officer suggested that a bribe might be the only way to get his stuff back quickly. Skreej walks out of the center fuming at the officer and calling him a "mercenary". The officer is likewise fuming at the lack of bribe and called Tamtel Skreej a "tourist".

Skreej then goes to a local cantina in order to drown his sorrows. He asks for a pint, but is unable to pay for it and is beginning to panic when a friendly local pays for the drink for him. The local tells him that everyone can see he's not from Tatooine because he is too clean, as even the richest locals have a layer of dust on them. The local then suggests that he buy one of his maps. Skreej realizes that the local saw him in the cantina just before he was robbed. The local tells him that he was drunk as a fish and that the lady he was with had to carry him out. The local keeps suggesting that the Skreej should buy a map, but Skreej continues asking questions about the previous night, eventually finding out that they left in a rented speeder. He then runs out of the cantina as the local yells back at him angrily, "Hey! Where you goin'? You owe me 8 credits! Lousy tourist…"

Randal's rentals 3

Skreej talks with the Proprietor of Randal's Rentals.

After talking to people at every Rental garage in town, Skreej ends up at Randal's Rentals, a cheap and sleazy rental garage. After pestering the proprietor Skreej finds out that the thief went to the Jundland Wastes and Jabba's Palace after renting a speeder.

Skreej then hitches a ride with a Swoop gang and ends up in Jabba's Palace. After the Gatekeeper Droid refuses to let him in, Skreej gets in by hiding in a Jawa's crate. As he infiltrates the palace he notices someone wearing his hat. Skreej yells to the man, who turns around, surprised that Skreej is there. The man begins to lead Skreej out of the palace, but Tamtel starts screaming about how his job has been taken from him. He starts yelling for security, but as Barada and a Gamorrean guard arrive, the man pushes Skreej into a hole marked "Rancor Chum." The man then introduces himself to Barada as "Tamtel Skreej".



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Skreej first appeared in Star Wars Tales #10, published by Dark Horse Comics, released on December 12, 2001. It was later collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 3, released on February 26, 2003. Skreej was written by Mike Kennedy, pencilled by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, and lettered by Steve Dutro.

The design of Tamtel Skreej was based on the late Mexican comedian Gaspar Enaine also known as "Capulina".


Due to the fact that Skreej was published in an issue of Star Wars Tales before Issue #21, the canonicity of this story is ambiguous.[1]


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