"Don't make any sudden moves, Skull Queen."
"You are mistaken. I am Princess Calvaria."
"If you're not the Skull Queen, who is?"
"I am. And I insist you release my daughter immediately."
"You're the Skull Queen?"
"Only to the warriors stationed at this fortress. The rest of Nallastia recognizes me by the title of Margravine.
―The Skull Queen, Quenelle, and her daughter, Princess Calvaria, reveal themselves to the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Bultar Swan.[src]

Skull Queen was a title given to a tribal leader on Nallastia. She lived in an ancient fortress on Mount Octan.

In 23 BBY, Quenelle was the moon's Skull Queen in addition to being its ruling monarch, the Margravine.


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