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The SkyBlind was a reconnaissance starship designed by Loronar Corporation for planetary exploration. The main idea in mind for the design was to stay concealed while gathering information over a planet, to avoid hostile reactions from unknown lifeforms or primitive cultures. The SkyBlind used both sensor jammers and visually cloaking optical shields to conceal itself. To a casual observer on the ground, a SkyBlind would appear as a discoloration in atmosphere that would be easily confused with natural phenomena.[1]

The ship included a repulsorlift module for closer inspection and landing on small spots. This landing sphere could carry all the mission crew along with 5 metric tons of cargo, and like the main Skyblind body, it had cloaking capability. Not all SkyBlinds carried a landing sphere; if no landing sphere was docked aboard, the SkyBlind's cargo space doubled.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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