The Skyblade-330 was a model of swoop bike manufactured by Caelli-Merced. A modified Skyblade-330 was notably used by Enfys Nest.[3][2] Nodo also possessed one such bike.[1]

The Skyblade-330 was similar to other Skyblade models used by the Cloud-Riders, such as the Arrogantus-X Skyblade-221 swoop bike, which had a reversed set of directional steering vanes and a side car for a passenger/gunner.[source?]

Enfys Nest’s modified Skyblade-330 had a blaster cannon situated between the three steering vanes, situated at the end of a long outrigger attached to the main body of the vehicle. The maneuver controls connected to the outright by long, thin rods. Behind the pilot seat and above the repulsorlift engine was a single vertical rear wing. The pilot’s feet rested on attitude control pedals. The main power cell was located beneath the maneuver controls at the base of the outrigger.[2]

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