The Skyholme Astromancers was an informal group of Force-sensitives that lived among the people of Weik, a planet deep in Wild Space that was long disconnected from the civilized galaxy.


A group of antisocial wizards that formed on the planet Weik, the Astromancers were fiercely territorial and lived as hermits in small villas or towers where they presided over their arcane texts and studies. They lived far afield of the city of Skyholme, but met there in conclave during the annual solar eclipse. Looking to the stars and other astral bodies to divine the future, they used chalk circles, fetishes, and incantations as they drew on the Force; these tools were simply focusing the energy, as their understanding of the Force was limited. Distrustful of each other, the group was highly disorganized and insular. A small sect of dark siders, known as Lucites, formed from among the Astromancers and grew to be reviled and hunted by their light side cousins.[1]


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