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The Lucites was an dark side cult formed out of the Skyholme Astromancers, a group of Force-sensitives that lived among the people of Weik, a planet deep in Wild Space that was long disconnected from the civilized galaxy.


A group of antisocial wizards that formed on the planet Weik, the Lucites were Astromancers that worshiped suffering and terror. Fiercely territorial, Lucites lived as hermits in small villas or towers where they presided over their arcane texts and studies. They believed that "the truth" had been unlocked when a star fell from the sky, teaching them that power came from the suffering of others. Hunted by the Astromancers for their cruel and vicious rituals the Lucites preformed on other living beings, some Lucites masqueraded among the Astromancers so that they could attend the annual conclave at Skyholme.[1]


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