The Kashyyyk skyhook underwent construction in Kashyyyk's orbit in 2 BBY by Wookiee slaves under the watch of the Galactic Empire. It was anchored to the planet's surface by eight tractor pins. The skyhook was built for the purpose of shuttling Wookiee slaves into orbit to awaiting Imperial starships, which would then ferry the Wookiees throughout the galaxy to Imperial construction projects, including the first Death Star. Construction was overseen by Ozzik Sturn, a human Captain of the Imperial Military.

Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader, was tasked with destroying the skyhook by Princess Leia Organa in 2 BBY. He completed this task, killing Sturn and freeing the Wookiee slaves in the process. However, according to Starkiller, the Wookiees who remained on Kashyyyk only saw it to be rebuilt.


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