"They swallow slivers of the sacred rock to strengthen their stonepower, and then they scream across the sky with their minds as loud as they can. They scream for help. That is the call you heard."
―A Mud dweller boy, to Jedi Master Yoda[src]

The Skyscreamers were a small group within the tribe of Mud dwellers from a planet in the Vagadarr system. The Skyscreamers swallowed small pieces of blue stone imbued with the Living Force to strengthen their connection to the Force—what they called "stonepower"—and then prayed in meditation a "skyscream" to the Force with the hope that a follower of the Force from beyond the Vagadarr star system would feel a disturbance in the Force and follow the Force's guidance to their war-torn world. Their faithful prayers were answered when during or before 32 BBY, Jedi Grand Master Yoda felt the Skyscreamers' calling and undertook a mission to the Vagadarr system as a result of hearing the skyscream prayer.[1]


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