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For other uses, see Slam (disambiguation).

The Slams, also known as the Slam gang, were a gang of thugs from Mamendin, in the Galactic Core. They roamed the galaxy, mostly in the Core, pulling scams. They were the gang who heisted the entire treasury of Vuma. Valadon, who was an ID theft expert, and Slam, a con man, were amongst their founding members, others were Waldo, a security expert, and Ukiah, a weapons and defense expert. They kept meticulous records and multiple ID docs for false identities.

The gang was captured and imprisoned in the Greylands Security Complex on Tentator but managed to escape the poorly-maintained high-security prison. However, after attempting—and failing—to break into a Commerce Guild security vault, the gang was recaptured and sent back to the prison. Their ship, an Ubrikkian star yacht, was confiscated and used by the Jedi to track down scientist Jenna Zan Arbor.


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