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Slashrats were rodent-like predators native to Bimmiel.

They hunted in packs and had powerful olfactory senses. Whenever a slashrat had made a kill, the pack would unleash a combination of sweat and pheromones called killscent. When a slashrat was killed, its corpse would release a different scent called stink, which would warn away other slashrats. Killscent would attract slashrats from miles away, sometimes from multiple packs, forming an inescapable zone called a killball. One strategy for escaping slashrats was to distract them with a killball, since they would ignore all other prey. Ganner Rhysode and Corran Horn fought slashrats when they were on Bimmiel. They also spread killscent all over a Yuuzhan Vong camp so that the slashrats would attack.

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