"…I saw a tall man wearing the garments of an Argazdan slave lord sweep past us. At first I assumed he was one of the actors in costume, but then I recognized him as Dr. Raygar. Both the Argazdans and the Lorrdians in the crowd were extremely offended by his attire, and a few spat on his robes as he passed by."
―Tash Arranda[src]
Raygar full body

Raygar was disdained for dressing as an Argazdan slave lord.

A slave lord was a slave-owning member of the Argazdan aristocracy on the planet Argazda. They were noted for their distinctive attire. Even after the end of slavery on Argazda, the academician Doctor Raygar still dressed as a slave lord, a fashion decision that offended other people on the planet.


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