Slippery Gelgelar Eel was a dining establishment at the Gelgelar Free Port. It was run by the Ithorian Thulls.

Situated in the middle of Gelgelar Free Port, next to The Shrine of Kooroo and across from Red Threxa's Boarding House, the Slippery Eel was the only place in town where people could buy a meal and a drink. Because of this, at any time any assortment of locals and travelers could be found inside. Frequent inhabitants included vohis mold farmers, shvash gas gatherers and the local Sullustan mechanics who worked for Gelgelar Outfitters.

Because Gelgelar was removed from the galaxy, the supplies available to the inhabitants were few and to compensate, Thulls had to be creative. The food and drinks available at The Eel were not particularly brilliant in scope, but they were tasty and hearty. The prices were good, better if you were a local and terrible if you were a pilgrim to The Shrine of Kooroo or a particularly unsavory or annoying spacer.


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