Point Nadir

The Slips on the Point Nadir's map.

The Slips was an area of the shadowport Point Nadir, located on the comet Resh 9376. It was a series of docking facilities located at the end of the Jackrab Hole that extended for 200 yards before giving way to other districts. In addition to landing platforms with inertial generators it featured several cantinas for pilots and crew unwilling to venture too far from their ships. More expensive, but with a higher reputation than the Tethers, the Slips was a place where smugglers and merchants willing to move significant cargo made efforts to dock their starships. Well-accommodated, the Slips offered more comfort than a typical shadowport, however the prices were still huge compared with legitimate equivalents. The Slips were fully controlled by Epsis, who kept the shadowport utilities running at full capacity.