―Slis Tieeer Dualli, last words—"Goodbye" in the Kobothi language[src]

Slis Tieeer Dualli was a male Kobok pilot and mercenary during the Galactic Civil War. He was invited to be a part of a mercenary team, put together by the assassin X-7, to hunt down and kill Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker. Having acquired a massive amount of riches thanks to his excellent piloting skills, Dualli spent most of his life seeking a way to cure his boredom—periodically shifting between piloting jobs and 'retirement'. Attracted by the prospects of a challenge, Dualli made his way to the third moon of Rinn, Iope, hoping to be hired for a considerable sum. Unfortunately, Dualli was not up to muster. While being tested by X-7, Dualli was drawn towards a false firing position, and ultimately killed by X-7. Dualli's last-known ship was a Cloakshape fighter.[1]


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