This article is about the Barabel bounty hunter Slizzik. You may be looking for the similarly-named Hutlarian bounty hunter, Slzzk.

Slizzik was a female Barabel, and the mate of Balluzikik. While working together with the Rodian Slimego and the Taloron Hunter Crutag, Slizzik pursued a bounty posted on a group of Rebel agents. The chase leads them to the jungle world of Trinta where the maddened Jedi Halagad Ventor resided. Ventor, used the Force to take control of the starships of both the hunters and the hunted, and crash landed them on the surface of the planet. Even though both she and Slimego were prepared to forego a larger bounty and deliver the agents dead, Crutag insisted on capturing the Rebels alive. The Alliance agents, however, managed to actually capture their pursuers instead and left them stranded on the swamps of Trinta.


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