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"However, one the day after the battle, a Corporate Sector Authority Fleet with one Victory I, one Escort Carrier, one Heavy Cruiser, two Sloops, two Gunboats, and a Transport entered the system."
Alinda Solaris[src]

A sloop was a type of warship. Sloops were among the ships used by the Corporate Sector Picket Fleet. Ships with this designation were apparently less significant than Star Destroyer, carrier and cruiser designs, but larger than some smaller warships.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the real world, a sloop-of-war was a small warship, normally of British origin. The term had a long history, remaining in official use between 1699 and 1948, and its meaning remained relatively constant, describing ships smaller than normal cruisers, used for trade protection, coastal work and colonial patrol.

The term is very rarely found in Star Wars fiction, but it is used to identify some ships of the Corporate Sector Authority Picket Fleet.