This article is about the Hutlarian bounty hunter Slzzk. You may be looking for the similarly-named Barabel bounty hunter, Slizzik.
"We're rounding up all the robot orderlies, captain."
―Slssk to Beilert Valance[src]

Slssk was a Hutlarian bounty hunter and first mate of the droid-hating bounty hunter, Beilert Valance.


Almost as feared as Valance himself, Slssk was a gladiator on the planet Loovria for ten years before joining Valance's crew onboard the Kill Switch. He wore metallic armor and often accompanied Valance on droid destroying raids. He was often in charge of rounding up the droids ready to be slaughtered.

When Valance was in search of Luke Skywalker, he, along with Slssk and several other bounty hunters were led to Aduba-3, after a misleading tip lead them to believe Jimm Doshun was Luke. When Slssk led a squad to capture their prey, Jimm set off a stampede of banthas which killed many of the bounty hunters in Valance's crew. However, Valance and Slssk were able to sidestep the banthas, avoiding certain death. With his crewmates dead, Slssk tried to make it back to their ship only to be spotted by Amaiza Foxtrain who shot him dead.

Behind the scenesEdit

Slssk was created by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson & Bob Wiacek.

Slssk's name was misspeled as Slzzk in one panel of Star Wars 16: The Hunter.