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"Stories about women who claim to have borne a son to Emperor Palpatine. Stories that there never was a New Republic/Imperial war, that it was all cooked up to foster wartime productivity and profit the starfighter manufacturers. Stories claiming that Darth Vader is still alive, about to lead a revolt to reinstitute the Empire. That sort of thing."
Tycho Celchu describes sludgenews[src]

"Sludgenews" was the generic term for shallow, low-grade "news" stories. Different aspects of sludgenews dealt with various galactic celebrities and documented their secret lives for the public to see while others published wild stories such as conspiracy theories, bizarre genetic mutations (such as a Twi'lek giving birth to a gornt) and other unreliable, petty entertainment pieces. The journalists who wished to make careers in sludgenews had to be adept at a wide variety of skills akin to fieldcraft used by intelligence agencies such as infiltration, bribery, lockpicking, and a host of other unsavory skills.

Prior to 13 ABY, Hallis Saper was one such sludgenews journalist.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sludgenews is the Star Wars equivalent of real-world tabloid news magazines and publications.


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