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The Slugh were a gastropod sentient species.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Slughs were gastropods and humanoids, with four limbs. From childhood, all the Slughs were struck by an evolutive muscular illness which inevitably killed them.

Their weak bodies were supported by exoskeletons, which compensated for the illness and allowed them to move. Without this exoskeleton, a Slugh can survive for only one to six days.

Society and cultureEdit

Because of their natural weakness, the Slughs developed great capabilities in electromechanics, and all of them were able to fix their exoskeleton. They often customized it with tools, weapons and anything necessary to their survival.

They had an intuitive understanding of simple technologies such as locks, blasters, and common vehicles.

Slughs in the galaxyEdit

Many Slughs Questors searched the galaxy in search of a remedy to save their species from the illness.

Behind the scenesEdit

Slughs, along with the Schizode, Arakhyn and Sylphe species, were created by Patrick Bousquet and Christophe Debien for an ambiguously canon roleplaying game help which appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli 95. The species was illustrated by Thierry Ségur.