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A slugthrower pistol was a weapon that fired metal bullets, also called "slugs", instead of the energy bolts normally fired out of a blaster. It was a smaller, handheld version of the slugthrower rifle. Slugthrowers were mostly found on backwater fringe worlds where blasters were not commonly found. Their ammunition consisted of a magazine that held 10 slugs. Each magazine cost 20 credits and weighed 0.1 kg.

A standard model of slugthrower pistol was the Striker projectile pistol manufactured by Oriolanis Defense Systems,[2] and a slightly larger model was the heavy slugthrower pistol. Other variants of slugthrower pistols included the Czerka Adjudicator, the air pistol, the Dissuader KD-30 slugthrower pistol, the Blaster Buster, the Enforcer pistol, and the black-powder pistol.[3] Another variant was the Tof Soren Slugthrower Pistol.



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