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Slum district G17 map

The Jedi Archives' map of slum district G17.

Slum district G17 was an area of the Coruscant underworld that contained, among other things, the Spider Arms Hostel, several Cabarets, at least two Noodle Bar diners, Chezdeze, Trueping's,[1] Lauli Wahlo's noodle shop, a massage parlor, a gangster hangout, a gun market, and a bar in which Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker apprehended the Republic Weequay criminal Car Affa.

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  1. The building where Trueping's is located, is the same one seen in this district in "Lightsaber Lost", right before Ahsoka Tano says, "This isn't happening". Even the crates around the corner are the same.