Smapp was a substance used for food. Smapp was served in a dish at Dex's Diner, a restaurant located in CoCo Town on the galactic capital planet Coruscant, before[1] the eatery was destroyed in 19 BBY.[2] Sometime before then, Dexter Jettster, the Besalisk owner of the diner, served roast Smapp with hot barium liquid as a Pantoran plate special for lunch and dinner on Zhellday for 8.5 credits.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Smapp were first mentioned in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a 1993 non-canon book written by Bob Carrau that collected various pieces of concept arts from projects made by George Lucas. The entry for Smapp in the book was written in the style of an in-universe guide to purchasing and cooking Smapp. In the book, Smapp were a type of creature that could be found in the galaxy as both domesticated beasts and in the wild. It contained a picture of a Smapp's head, which had wrinkled green-brown skin, a small black nose, large orange lips, small gray eyes, a black horn on the side, and a small ridge of sparse black hair running down the neck. The domesticated Smapp were mentioned to be popular in the Leisure Fields, which was described to be beyond a location known as Derso-4. The entry presented wild Smapp as better to eat, due to their taste, bogg consistency, and curling properties when cooked. It then described how, when, and where to obtain wild Smapp. Elderly wild Smapp were mentioned to only be good for making jerky, while buying a wild Smapp with humid, yellow-green egg sacs in-season near a volcanic eruption was a better choice, and capturing a wild specimen was best but the most time consuming and difficult.[3]


The illustration of the Smapp from Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas

The entry mentions a dish known as Hydrogenated Smapp and provides a recipe that called for a butterflied medium-sized Smapp, six quarts of viscous butter, forty-five fern potatoes, twelve tubes of Herbs de Lunar Eclipse, a pinch of zinc, and garlic. Preparing the creature required an oven heated to eight hundred degrees, shaving the creature, tenderizing it under its gilled flanks, removing its smoking holes, and spreading a butter-herb mixture on it with a dental mop. Then the Smapp needed to be marinated for two gravitational rotations, before it was seasoned with zinc and attached to a steel roasting board for cooking in the oven. The garlic was to be chewed by the cook while waiting for the creature to detonate, which could take one to three gravitational rotations. Upon completion, the cook used iodized forceps to remove the creature from the oven so it could be seasoned with ceiling ash and served as food, which was of a great enough quantity to feed four to six members of the Hutt species. As a footnote, the entry said that hot barium liquid went nicely with the dish during cold winters.[3]

Smapp was later made canonical when mentioned as a food in Dining at Dex's, a 2009 Hyperspace exclusive article written by Gregory Walker in the form of an in-universe menu. The article does not specify what Smapp is beyond the fact that it was part of dish at Dex's Diner. While Walker's work mentioned hot barium liquid, it did not establish the Smapp as a creature,[1] which leaves the Smapp's canonical definition to be ambiguous.


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