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Aladdin-lamp-Star Tours

A lamp found in a Star Tours passenger's baggage

"You know, all Star Tours flights are non-smoking. And just so you know, that applies to luggage as well."

A specialized device that emits smoke. It harbors a unique design resembling a gravy saucer with a top, and sometimes emits smoke from the funnel. It may have been used for smoking purposes.

One such device was brought on board Spaceport THX1138, and was eventually discovered by the baggage check droid G2-9T. Despite the Star Tours travel agency's strict non-smoking policy (to the extent of it even applying to luggage as well), the droid cleared it to be brought aboard a Star Tours flight.

Behind the scenesEdit

The item appeared in a luggage x-ray scan in the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios. The item was actually supposed to be the Genie's magic lamp from the Disney film Aladdin, although G2-9T's comment implied that it was used for smoking.


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