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This Smuggler Camp on Yavin 4 was used by the Twi'lek smuggler Ewrosa Soci. It was a secret landing site for transport ships that smuggled spice to the jungle moon that Soci sold to local workers.

Crates and containers were stacked on the ground around the landing site. A group of Jawas were helping the smugglers.

In 1 ABY a spacer sent by Osae Meilea attacked the camp and killed many of Soci's smugglers. The Jawas weren't harmed in the fight. The spacer then took Soci's shipment of spice and brought it to Soci as proof that his spice smuggling operation had been destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

This camp on Yavin 4 appears in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies as part of the quest series Catch A Fallen Star. During this mission, the player has to attack smugglers at the camp until he finds the shipment of spice.

Besides several smugglers that can be attacked and killed, there's also a group of Jawas at the camp who can't be attacked.