The Smugglers' Confederation was a guild-like organization of the Cularin system smugglers. They originally organized to gain better access to jobs. Shortly after they elected a new leader in 110 BBY, the Confederation entered into a deal with the newly arrived Riboga the Hutt to be absorbed into his organization. This had little effect on the day-to-day operations of most smugglers. The smugglers continued to refer to themselves as the Smuggler's Confederation, although in effect they no longer existed as an independent group, merely being a portion of Riboga's, and later Nirama's, criminal organizations.[1]

Riboga loaned many of the smugglers money to upgrade their ships, particularly the more recalcitrant ones. As an alternative to paying back the exorbitant interest rates, the smugglers could enter periods of exclusive service to the Hutt, essentially becoming his indentured servants. In this way, Riboga further brought the smugglers under his control.[1]

When Nirama replaced Riboga in 53 BBY, he renewed the agreements of his Organization with the Confederation, obtaining a profit while doing so.[1]



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