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Sneaker was an R9 unit belonging to Jaina Solo during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Jaina acquired Sneaker to replace Sneaky, who was destroyed on Tenupe. Sneaker possessed the typical R9 series tendency toward excessive caution–when trying to identify a freighter as the Millennium Falcon, he didn't consider a 94% data correlation in the engine signature to be a "sure" match. Sneaker was able to discover that the Falcon was heading towards the Hapes Cluster.

Sneaker was destroyed when Ducha Galney ordered her Miy'tils to destroy Jaina and her partner Zekk.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sneaker inexplicably reappears in Inferno, apparently following destruction in Tempest, with no explanation as to why.[2] Later in Legacy of the Force: Invincible novel, Jaina has again an R9 unit named Sneaky. How the two are linked, or even if they are at all, is never disclosed.[4]



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