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Sneeve was the homeworld of the Sneevel species.[6] It was located in the Kastolar sector of the Mid Rim.[3]

The planet joined the Galactic Republic when it was discovered by Duros explorers sometime in the Kymoodon Era.[5]

During the Separatist Crisis, the planet was represented in the Galactic Senate by Jollin Resbin.[3] It allowed Refugee Relief Movement settlement in 22 BBY, prior to the Clone Wars.[1] When the Clone Wars broke out, the planet was located within Separatist space.[4]

Later, the Galactic Empire tried to prevent the Sneevels from traveling off-system, but the Sneevels felt a greater need to do so because of their prohibition. The Empire appointed a governor to rule Sneeve, but this measure proved to be ineffective, as the Sneevels answered the oppression by joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[5]

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Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Episode I and Alien Anthology place Sneeve in the Expansion Region, while Star Wars Insider 65 and the website HoloNet News locate it in the Mid Rim.



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