Sniddly was a male humanoid who worked for Mondo-Mod the Hutt at his Arena of Doom, a stadium which housed gladiator fights. He was known to announce the upcoming fights and also take bets.


Sniddly worked for a Hutt named Mondo-Mod, co-managing fights in the Hutt's Arena of Doom. During the Clone Wars the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli came to the Arena of Doom, asking for the location of the Confederacy of Independent Systems's new droid factory, which Mondo-Mod had obtained. Mondo-Mod said he would give her the location if she was able to beat his three best fighters without a lightsaber or any Force powers. The Jedi agreed and the contest was set up.

The day of the contest, Sniddly both announced the fights and took bets among the spectators. After the first two fights, Unduli was victorious but badly hurt. The third fight was composed of Unduli facing a gladiator droid called Evil Supreme; everyone believed that the battle droid would easily win, including Sniddly. Sniddly announced the fight and began taking more bets, and was surprised to find a unknown spacer, who had lost over 200,000 credits earlier that day, was betting ten million credits on the Jedi.

Sniddly took the bet, thinking that the arena would win big on the wager, but he was dumbfounded when Unduli beat Evil Supreme in under a minute, by kicking a pebble into the massive droid's faceplate. The spacer, who later turned of to be Unduli's apprentice, Barriss Offee, collected her credits and left. Paying the bet had left the arena's accounts empty. The Arena of Doom was subsequently closed due to lack of funds and Sniddly was put out of work.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sniddly made his only appearance in the Clone Wars Adventures comic, Versus. His species is never stated in the comic.


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