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A sniper rifle used during the Galactic War
"A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. Ours has two separate levels of zoom: 'Up-close-and-personal' and 'Hello-you're-dead.'"

Sniper rifles were long-range weapons, either projectile or, more commonly, blaster-based. The purpose of a sniper rifle was to kill a target at extreme distances. A blaster-based sniper rifle fired a long beam of energy, capable of killing with a single headshot. Tusken Raiders on Tatooine often used projectile sniper rifles to take potshots at podracers. A sniper rifle was used by Zam Wesell to destroy her ASN-121 droid during the plot to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala in 22 BBY. Another was used by Aurra Sing during the Senate hostage crisis to take out Senate Commandos. A sniper rifle was used in a failed attempt to assassinate Satine Kryze on Coruscant by a Death Watch assassin. The bounty hunter Jango Fett attempted to collect a bounty by killing a clone deserter with his son Boba Fett, but failed. He possibly used a T-28 repeating sniper rifle on a tripod on top of a building. The Tenloss Syndicate was the maker of the notorious DXR-6 disruptor rifle, which, when fitted with a zoom scope, became an especially deadly sniper rifle.

In the days of the Old Republic, Aratech Repulsor Company was notable for their highly-accurate sniper weapons.

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