Snivvian was the native language of the Snivvian species from Cadomai Prime. Most Snivvians were fluent in both Snivvian and Basic, although they were only literate in their own language, and they had a nasal accent when speaking Basic.[1] Snivvians were fascinated by galactic culture, and thus were happy to speak Basic with non-Snivvians. However, there were some Snivvians who refused to use Basic because of their personal philosophy. In any case, all Snivvians were delighted to encounter members of other species trying to communicate in Snivvian. [2]

Common words and phrasesEdit

  • Arys Art
  • Baz Thanks
  • Bazos Fresher
  • Cotempas Cold
  • Chotempas Winter
  • Cratta Create
  • Cupads-u kwa-essen? What do you do for a living?
  • Domines Credits
  • E Here
  • Eeza Female
  • Eezo Male
  • Fazzen Repair
  • Gazzut Tickets
  • Grazo Please
  • Insel los verryos The winds are picking up
  • Jurrdi Today
  • Katpat Greetings
  • Kwa What
  • Kwen When
  • Kwu' Where
  • Kwy Why
  • Legwritz Contract
  • Locan-u vizzintar kwa-essen? What planets have you traveled to?
  • Lumashand Hologram
  • Mandi Tomorrow
  • Mennis Symbol
  • Midaz Food
  • Min Me; I
  • Minoro Song
  • Mintempas Experience
  • Minwritz Literature
  • Monra Sculpture
  • Navin Starship
  • Navin-u kir-essen? Can you fly a starship?
  • Oro-arys Music
  • Pas No
  • Pas-morri jurdi los tempas The weather is not as deadly today
  • Purenta Twin
  • Purtempas Slavery
  • Relas-u chevrami kwa-essen? What do you do when you get home?
  • Relas-u di Cadomai kwu-essen? What part of Cadomai are you from?
  • Sectempas Dry
  • Sep Yes
  • Slurd-u pas pas min. I did not mean any insult.
  • Tabble Painting
  • U You
  • Uchevram Republic
  • U-dominmin Payment
  • U-min-relas Hospital
  • U-min-udas Help
  • Unarzis Separatists
  • Urelasmin Tavern
  • Uwritz Poetry
  • Yandi Yesterday

Counting in SnivvianEdit

  • Crisbon 1
  • Kenzorn 2
  • Myshand 3
  • Bogreen 4
  • Conradek 5
  • Shaynday 6
  • Mabroska 7
  • Darwal 8
  • Alismi 9
  • Xine 10

Discussing ArtEdit

  • Di arysi du arys pas-essen lure mass. There is no greater love than a master's for his masterpiece.
  • Eslas essen-din shu ur min fooness. This would look fantastic over my fireplace.
  • Huen mennis ze kwa-essen? What do the colors symbolize?
  • Lumashand-u min-tempi es min-conta. I will think about your holo for the rest of my life.
  • Molys-u kwend cratta zu? What were you on when you created this?
  • Pookazoon essen monra es. That sculpture is titillating.
  • Puree un cratta-u hemmin? Did you mean to create a travesty?
  • Tabble-es domin num-essen? How much is this painting?
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