This article is about the Corellian pilot. You may be looking for the Supreme Leader of the First Order.
"Snoke Loroan made the trip from here to the Bespin system in fifteen standard time parts. The best the Millennium Falcon has ever done is eighteen standard time parts. I looked that up in the Jedi Library."
Ken, to Han Solo[src]

Snoke Loroan was a Corellian pilot who fought with the Rebel Alliance. He participated in the Battle of Endor, where he and Arvel Crynyd made an attack run on the Super Star Destroyer, Executor. He was killed when his X-wing was destroyed by a turbo-laser, and Crynyd's A-wing was sent spinning out of control. His death was not in vain when Crynyd was able to pilot his damaged fighter into the bridge of the Executor, destroying it.

He was noted for traveling from Yavin 4 to the Bespin system in fifteen standard time parts.


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