This article is about the stormtrooper variant of the First Order. You may be looking for cold weather assault stormtroopers, nicknamed snowtroopers, of the Galactic Empire.

Snowtroopers were a variant of the stormtrooper used by the First Order approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. The latest generation of cold weather assault stormtroopers, snowtroopers wore advanced insulated armor and helmets that reduced the glare of icy terrain.[1] They wore insulated gloves with adjustable heating units. Their body armor also had heating controls,[4] and they wore an insulated belt kama.[5]

Many of them were on Starkiller Base when it was attacked by the Resistance[2] in 34 ABY.[6]

Snowtroopers were also involved in the Battle of Crait shortly thereafter.[3] Although Crait was only superficially a snowy planet due to the white dust obscuring red crystals on the ground, it nonetheless had similar enough properties to necessitate their deployment in the battle.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

Snowtroopers first appeared in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. For the costumes used in the film, the snowtroopers' armor, helmet, and backpack were made of molded polyurethane, while their gloves were made of nylon with additional molded polyurethane elements. Their quilted tunics and collars were made from jersey-backed neoprene, with the tunics also incorporating polyester and cotton.[8] The nylon boots they wear are "Kamik White Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boots."[9]


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Notes and referencesEdit

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