"Hello again, Captain."
―Agent Soganti[src]

Soganti was a male Human who served as an Agent of the Republic Customs Office. During the Cold War he was assigned to the planet Taris, then in a middle of a restoration effort. He investigated the activities of the smuggler Beryl Thorne, but failed to find any solid evidence on her. Soganti approached another smuggler - the Voidhound - with a goodwill offer to sell Thorne out. Instead, Voidhound informed Beryl that the Agent was after her, allowing her to flee, and then escaped Taris by slipping right past Soganti with the help of some forged documents.


In 3643 BBY, Soganti was assigned to Taris by the Republic Customs Office to watch for attempts to smuggle contraband on and off of the planet. His suspicious nature led to regularly search Beryl Thorne's warehouse but thus far found no evidence of contraband.

Soganti later greeted a starship captain - later known as the Voidhound - of a Corellian XS stock light freighter upon their arrival at Olaris Spaceport and passed a firm warning to avoid smuggling any contraband. Soganti later re-encountered the Voidhound as he was leading a pair of customs agents on another fruitless raid of Thorne's warehouse. Soganti then became suspicious of the Voidhound and ordered surveillance on the captain's movements.

Soganti later approached the Voidhound after they returned to their ship and disembarked, demanding the captain admit how Thorne was smuggling relics off Taris, even offering a generous bribe in exchange for testimony. However, the Voidhound refused to say a word against Thorne. Defeated, Soganti was forced to leave, but not before reminding the Voidhound that no criminal escapes justice forever.