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The shuttle carrying Vul Isen and Darth Azard approaches Soheras Trench.

The Soheras Trench was an underwater trench located on the planet Dac. During the Massacre of New Coral City, it was the site of a small prison camp, Imperial Extermination Camp 28. The trench was located several kilometers from a nearby rebel camp, the Ranger Grotto. As a part of the massacre ordered by Emperor Darth Krayt, Sith scientist Vul Isen used the trench as part of an experiment to create a beast which would help in the slaughter of the Mon Calamari. Isen succeeded in creating the Sea Leviathan, a creation that was based on the original Sith Leviathan. Isen and Darth Azard traveled to the Soheras Trench in an Aquatic Terrain Armored Transport in order to awake the Sea Leviathan, and using the Force, the Sith ordered the beast to destroy the captive Mon Calamari who were residing in Imperial Extermination Camp 28.


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