Solace was an underground location on Coruscant.


This obscure area was located in an old section of the planet, far from the Senate District and near the old sea level. This place was a refuge for people hiding from the newly-arisen Galactic Empire. The guide of this people was the Jedi Master Fy-Tor-Ana, who had survived Order 66.

The former Padawan Ferus Olin, alongside the Erased, came to this place with the help of Dexter Jettster, in the hopes of reaching Fy-Tor-Ana and regrouping all Jedi who had survived the Great Jedi Purge.

Unfortunately, there was a spy in the group, who betrayed them. A stormtrooper battalion arrived at Solace to either capture the refugees or wipe them all out. With the abilities of the Jedi and the Erased members, they managed to escape, but the other inhabitants of Solace were not so lucky.


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