Blackart approaches the Solay Spaceport.

Solay Spaceport was a large spaceport on the planet of Solay. It contained a wide variety of spacecraft, including Solay rocket ships. In order to protect the ships from theft, a guard was stationed outside the entrance to the spaceport. Around 4 ABY, the guard was a four-armed individual. In the aftermath of the Battle of Solay, the spaceport was infiltrated by the ex-King Blackart, who was attempting to escape off-world. Blackart killed the guard and attempted to steal a rocket ship before he was stopped by Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Knight who had fought in the recent battle.

In addition to serving as a port for visiting spacecraft, the spaceport contained a jump platform, a device which could propel an individual into the air and allow them to glide across the landscape with the use of a wing pack.