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"You've never faced Quesoth Soldiers in battle. We, on the other hand, have dealt with them both as allies and as enemies. They're bigger even than the Workers—when they rear up they're nearly as tall as you or I—and immensely strong. They're also fiercely loyal to their Queen, obeying her orders unquestioningly and with no consideration for their own safety. And there are thousands of them within the Red City."
Nyama, to Grand Admiral Thrawn[src]

The Soldiers were a caste of the Quesoth, an insectoid species from the planet Quethold. The Soldiers had little intelligence and were fiercely loyal to the Quesoth Queen, who communicated with the Soldiers via the language Quesoth Soldier Speak, although the Soldiers lacked the vocal capacity to speak Soldier Speak themselves. In 8 ABY, the Empire of the Hand launched an attack on Quethold and Imperial forces engaged a large group of Soldiers in combat on the edge of the Red City.