"Impudent to the last. As I was saying, she was sent to kill an Imperial spy in the Yavin system. Throughout her torture, she maintained that she was hired anonymously."

Solentz was a female Human assassin who was secretly hired by the Republic to kill a spy working for the Sith Empire in the Yavin system around 3643 BBY. She was captured by Sith agents before being able to pull off the hit and was sent to Korriban to be tortured for information. Throughout her interrogation, Solentz maintained that she was hired by an anonymous party, and that she was unaware that the target was an Imperial agent. Despite her insistance, her jailer, Knash, refused to believe her, and was given assistance in the interrogation process by a Sith Warrior acolyte. The Sith Acolyte refused to believe the assassin and chose to execute her in her cell instead of giving her an opportunity to fight for her freedom. After this, Overseer Tremel berated the Warrior's decision, stating that she could have been an asset.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sith Warrior has three options of dealing with Solentz. The player can either simply execute her (Dark Side), give her a trial by combat (Dark Side), or recruit her to work for Imperial Intelligence (Light Side).