"It seems to me that sentients live in a ... cocoon of illusions and expectations. We are full of assumptions: we think we know ourselves and those around us; we think we know what each day will bring. We are confident we understand the arc and trajectory of our lives. Then Fate intervenes, strips us down to bare metal, and we see we are little more than debris, floating in darkness."

Solis was a Tac-Spec FIII Footman Droid and counterpart to Fidelis. He was functional, but unlike his painted counterpart, he had bare, scratched metal showing, and was not programmed with extreme loyalty. Besides his original factory parts he apparently had upgrades made to himself such as the Rika/Moab mini rail cannon and possibly many others


According to him, he was built over 400 years before the Clone Wars. Solis was only his nickname, but his "real name" may have merely been a serial number. Solis served a family for years. Around 220 BBY his family was attacked. He was ordered to save the family jewels, but his mistress had to use a loyalty override to prevent Solis from instead protecting the family. Unfortunately, his family was betrayed, and ambushed at their "secret passage".

Solis claimed to not remember the fate of the soldiers who murdered his family, but considering his model's loyalty, lethality, and tendency to develop personalities, that was very likely false, indicating that he killed all of the soldiers. He eventually teamed up with Fidelis, also a Footman Droid, but one who had kept most of his family. The two droids waited for 10 years outside the Jedi Temple for the time when Whie Malreaux would return to Vjun. Finally, in 20 BBY, the time came.

He and Fidelis stalked Whie and his team until meeting them on the Reasonable Doubt. While Fidelis met his master, Solis conversed with Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy.

When he learned that Jedi Master Yoda was part of the group he met, he betrayed them to Asajj Ventress. However, Asajj later refused to pay the amount she promised. Solis followed the remaining Jedi team to Vjun. After hearing Fidelis's mechanical death scream, Solis moved to the Malreaux cellar. He easily took out the A-series assassin droids, but was shot by Asajj with a neural-net eraser. However he managed to wound her in the leg with his non-factory rail cannon, allowing the Padawans to escape.

Personality and traitsEdit

Since falling into his own care, Solis had some difficulty maintaining himself, as the FIII was a limited production run. He had to settle for mostly custom parts and components soon considered antiques. He once remarked that "ornamentation is not logically a high priority."



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