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"For years the Empire wanted a piece of my gambling network."
―Sollima to Han Solo[src]

Sollima's gambling network was a gambling network owned and ruled by an Aleena crime lord Sollima. It has casinos on multiple planets, such as Simbarc, but its jewel was the Hollow Moon, a gambling world located in the the Hutt-controlled Khorya system in the Outer Rim Territories, that hosted all type of gambling—from sabacc tables to the gladiator rings.


The Galactic Empire wanted to take control over Sollima's gambling network for years, but did not want to start a large-scale conflict in the Hutt Space. So it first acquired Sollima's accounting droid to used information inside him against Sollima and later ordered scoundrels Han Solo and Billal Batross to infiltrate the Moon and disable its security network in exchange for release from captivity. Once they completed the task, Galactic Empire took control over the world, Sollima was captured and his organization was disbanded.