The Solo-class combat freighter was a medium sized cargo ship manufactured by the Republic Engineering Corporation and SoroSuub, working in conjunction with the Fondor Shipyards under contract from the Metalsmiths Guild of Vandelhelm.


The Solo-class was a sleek and aerodynamic freighter with a prominent keel. Drawing heavily on Republic design elements and philosophy - a time when both function and aesthetics were equally important - the Solo-class was an completely original design that was envisioned as a complete overhaul and reinvention of what a standard freighter should be.[1]

The resulting design was a ship that was large enough to carry the cargo of a half-dozen drone barges, yet powerful enough to hold its own as a fleet support ship. The Solo-class accomplished this through an interior architecture made with high-quality lightweight plasteel, and a double layered hull and reinforced keel consisting of super-hardened titanium plating - protecting the ship and its contents exemplarily well in the event of total shield failure.[2]

Protecting the freighter were six dual turbolasers, offering 360 degrees of coverage, and two missile batteries - all of which more than capable of getting the Solo-class through combat zones. Fully capable of atmospheric flight, thanks to its lightweight architecture and aerodynamic shape, the Solo-class could be bought stock, or with an additional compliment of droid maintenance crews.[3]


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