"It's called the Song of Sorrow, and we witnessed the same thing yesterday when the Mandalorians opened fire in the streets of Arari. We are told that the Octusi use similar songs to communicate over great distances as they race over their native plains on Blaudu Octus."
Madhi Vaandt[src]

The Song of Sorrow was a song that was known by the Octusi, a species of semi-sentient centauriforms. In 44 BBY, the Octusi residents of the planet of Blaudu Sextus staged a peaceful protest against their slave masters and after a unit of Mandalorian mercenaries opened fire on an Octusi protest march in an attempt to bring the slaves into line, the Octusi sung the Song of Sorrow. The next day, the Mandalorian commander Belok Rhal murdered the Octusi Elder Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind in front of thousands of Octusi that had gathered in the Big Circle of Fun, and following the Elder's death, the slaves again sung the Song of Sorrow.