"There is such pain now. The Song of the Universe is disrupted. The warriors are angry, and we swarm."
―A Joiner, sharing the pain of tortured Killiks[src]

The Song of the Universe was a melody known to the Killik race.


Among many races throughout the galaxy, especially those of insectile origins or with hive minds, the Song of the Universe was the natural harmony that was created by all living beings. It was believed that each creature and race had a part to play within the Song of the Universe and that the more they concentrated, the easier it would be to hear the Song. However, only true insectoid races were able to hear the entire Song, though the reasons for this were unknown.

Joiners were also able to hear the Song and translate it into their native language.


During the Cold War, Imperial agent Vector Hyllus became a Joiner and professed to hear the Song of the Universe, calling it a "magnificent thing."

After the Qoribu Truce, the Killik Colony nests that were located on the border of the Chiss Ascendancy were moved via starships belonging to the Hapes Consortium. Before they left the system of Qoribu, the Killiks began singing the Song of the Universe.

Jedi Knight Jaina Solo promised the Killik hive Wuluw that her numerous deaths during the Swarm War would mean that she would have her name sung in the Song of the Universe.