The SonoMax 75 was a sonic pistol created by SonoMax for use by the Corporate Sector Espos, primarily for crowd control and anti-riot purposes.[1][2]

The SonoMax 75 could be calibrated for a number of effects: a sonic blast, which could deal heavy damage comparable to a blaster rifle, or sonic stun, which delivered a powerful cone-shaped pulse on par with a stun grenade, that could incapacitate opponents.[1][2] Combined with a twenty meter range, the Sonomax 75 adhered to the Corporate Sector Authorities policy of powerful riot control weapons with disregard to collateral damage; the stun setting especially was very effective, projecting a .5 meter wide cone at 0-3 meters, a 1.5 meter cone at 10 meters, and a 3 meter wide cone at 20 meters.[1][2] Despite the effectiveness of the stun function, it could prove more or less effective depending on the hearing faculties of the sentient targeted, because of this, the secondary stun function sometimes had to be calibrated for effectiveness - though both functions were nonetheless capable of significant physical impact regardless of calibration, capable of knocking sentients off their feet.[1][2]


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