This article is about the Rebel. You may be looking for Jedi Master Sora Bulq.

Sora was a member of the Alliance Military's 4th Squad, under the command of Corporal Jobin. He was also a pilot.


Sora and his comrades were stationed at Echo Station 5-7. Shortly after combat began, the soldiers realized that the ion cannon near the South Entrance was under attack by stormtroopers and an All Terrain Scout Transport. Jobin ordered Sora and Grond to flank the attack force while Jobin, Roj, and another Rebel attacked them directly. They destroyed the AT-ST and killed the troopers. The Rebels recaptured the ion cannon at the cost of Grond and the anonymous Rebel. The Rebels were able to fire the cannon, disabling an Imperial Star Destroyer, and allowing Rebel transports to escape.

Sora, Grond, and Jobin retreated to the hangars of Echo Base, hoping to find an evacuation shuttle. In one hangar they discovered Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper escort. The Rebels retreated to another hangar, where they discovered a Y-wing. While Sora prepared the ship for takeoff, Jobin was shot boarding it and Roj went back to get him. However, Jobin told them to go and gave Roj a holorecording for his mother, Mon Mothma. He was then killed by Darth Vader moments after Roj and Sora safely escaped. The message would not reach Mon Mothma until half a year later, however, during the Rebel briefing on Home One before the Battle of Endor.


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