This article is about the Tion Cluster planet. You may be looking for Soruus, a star in the Core Worlds.

Soruus was a planet in the Tion Cluster of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] Before the Republic, it had been part of Xim's empire and had been a thriving trade world. It was also known for its gladiator fights in a large arena, which endured even after the fall of Xim's empire and Soruus' decline as a trade world.[3]

Some time after the Tion Cluster's entry into the Galactic Republic, a large polysteel statue of Xim the Despot was raised on Soruus above the arena during the chancellorship of Kirbat the Unready. Made on Centares long after the Despot's death, historian Bleys Harand dismissed it as an inaccurate depiction of Xim.[2]


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