"Call me Sosakar."
The Slug Named Grendel by Rogar Farnoster[src]

Sosakar was a character in Rogar Farnoster's The Slug Named Grendel, published by TriPlanetary Press[2] sometime after 22 BBY.[3] The narrator of the tale, Sosakar recounted the story of Flandon Sweeg and his search for the space slug Grendel. Sosakar, being destitute and pursued by Jabba the Hutt's loansharks, joined the crew of the Darkfire after Sweeg's original crew had abandoned him.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. In the first chapter of The Slug Named Grendel, the narrator, Sosakar, tells that he owed Jabba the Hutt money. He also recounts that the tale took place during the days of the Galactic Republic. As Jabba was born in 600 BBY according to Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide, the story must have taken place in this era.
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