Sosha Soruna was a human female who served as the Queen of Naboo late in the Galactic Civil War.


Queen Sosha Soruna

Queen Soruna in full formal attire.

Sosha Soruna earned a fighter pilot certification a year before her election as Queen of Naboo.[2] In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, where the Alliance to Restore the Republic defeated the authoritarian Galactic Empire, Queen Soruna—whose world had been a member of the democratic government that preceded the Empire—became a potential ally for Mon Mothma, Chancellor of the Alliance. Some twenty days after Endor, Soruna received a visit from Leia Organa, princess of the destroyed planet Alderaan, who acted as the Alliance envoy to Naboo.[1]

During Organa's visit, it transpired that the Empire was using an array of satellites to disrupt the climate of Naboo and provoke typhoons that would render the planet uninhabitable. Although Naboo had been demilitarized years earlier, Queen Soruna still had access to a few remaining N-1 starfighters, which she made available to Organa and her aide, the Alliance pilot Shara Bey. In addition to providing crafts that could destroy the Empire's satellites, the queen decided to get involved in the dogfight herself, against the advice of her head of security, Captain Korro. Soruna, Organa and Bey formed a temporary flight group. While Shara Bey was trying to buy time, destroying TIE fighters that came out of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Queen of Naboo and the Princess of Alderaan set off to locate and destroy the satellites. Together, Soruna and Organa destroyed at least nine satellites, with the queen blowing up the last of them. However, the Star Destroyer started moving toward the improvised flight group, whose three fighters could not match the new threat. Fortunately for them, an Alliance flotilla led by General Lando Calrissian came out of hyperspace at the eleventh hour, engaging the Imperial ships and allowing Soruna, Organa and Bey to disengage.[2]

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